General ICT Fundamentals

ICT Fundamentals includes computer hardware, computer software, networking, security, and basic IT literacy.

This course comprises basic lessons covering ICT fundamentals. Each lesson includes a combination of soft readings, YouTube videos, and hands-on learning practical activities. The course also assists learners in preparing for any ICT Fundamentals certification.

This entire training course can be downloaded in book form by selecting Download Learning Guide in the sub menu. The corresponding reading collection can be downloaded in book form by selecting Download Reading Guide.


Learners should have basic computer skills, including typing, mouse, and web browser navigation. Those who wish to increase their knowledge and prepare for the upper entry requirements are welcomed.

The Internet and Computing Key Applications is a global certification program designed to certify an individual's digital literacy skills associated with basic computer and Internet use. The certification includes three areas:
  1. Computing Fundamentals includes computer hardware, computer software, and using an operating system.
  2. Key Applications includes common program functions, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, database software, and document
  3. Living Online includes Internet fundamentals, electronic communication, network fundamentals, and computer use and safety.
The three modules may be completed in any order. Learners new to computer concepts should start with Living Online, which assist with basic usage and functionality. Those more familiar with office suite programs should start with Key Applications, which reviews common features. Those already familiar with computer hardware and operating systems should start with Computing Fundamentals.



The tuition fee is currently (GH¢ 950.00 ) however there is a registration/admission and exam fees, and certain materials and tools required for effective studies will also be recommended to the student.
AMOUNT (GH¢)                DESCRIPTION
50.00                                         Registration and Admission Processing Fee
800.00                                        Tuition Fee
50.00                                           Internet Fee
50.00                                           Certificate Fee
 Gh¢ 950.00                               Total Cost
NB : Admission in progress for our online training, register today! Admission closes as soon as the class is full
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